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The Negotiation





When it comes to negotiating a price, we provide:

  • a clearer idea of how long and under what circumstances a property has been on the market, than you are likely to discover

  • the assurance you derive from our undivided personal attention.

The savings, which we help you to achieve on the negotiation should, we hope, at the very least cover our fee, depending on market conditions and location.



If you would like to discuss your requirements with us, a meeting would be the first step. We will listen to and take note of your descriptions of your ideal house. If we are both happy to proceed we ask you for a registration fee of 300 for a 16 week search. You also undertake to pay a success fee of 1.0% of the purchase price  of any property which you may subsequently buy, if introduced to it directly by Property Search Yorkshire. The registration fee is deductible from the success fee.



NEW! We now carry a select list of properties for sale in this region

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For just 150 for two months, you can list your property on this site. To view a sample property, please click HERE.



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All advertisements and specifications contained in this website are for information only and do not constitute any warranty as to condition or fitness for purpose. Advertising material is provided by the owners of the properties listed and whilst Property Search Yorkshire endeavour to represent such detail as accurately and reliably as possible, none of the statements contained in these particulars is to be relied upon as statements or representations of fact. Particulars, descriptions and measurements herein do not form part of any contract; every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, however, this cannot be guaranteed. We recommend that you make and rely upon your own inspection or engage the services of an independent qualified surveyor as to condition and fitness for purpose. These particulars are intended to give a general description of the house or property as represented to Property Search Yorkshire by the owner.






We act for the buyer only, and our commitment is to secure for the buyer the best property at the best price. We do this using our knowledge of the area, the local solicitors, accountants, tradesmen and property owners, who often prefer to deal directly with us and our clients. As we are retained by the buyer, estate agents have nothing to lose from alerting us to property before it comes on the market, sometimes avoiding their marketing costs. For full details of the incentive-driven fee, please click here: the negotiation. Our registration fee covers a sixteen-week search.



We are not Estate Agents. We do not hold details of every property currently for sale in the region. Instead, we save you time, money and stress by sifting through the possibilities and dismissing the great majority of properties, which may look and sound enticing on paper but which prove disappointing upon inspection. After listening closely to what you want, which is sometimes rather different from what you eventually choose to buy, we search out and propose property which we feel will really appeal to you, pointing out in advance the disadvantages, as we understand them.



Please note that our service is advisory, and that we do NOT carry lists of every property currently for sale. Having discussed your requirements we can then provide a portfolio of suitable properties. We can only act AFTER the initial contact, at which time we can ascertain your requirements. Before establishing these, please do not ask for details of properties in a certain area or up to a certain price.



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