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RESURGAM BOOKS : The Manor House, Flamborough, Bridlington, East Riding of Yorkshire



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Listed below is my current stock in this subject, sorted in alphabetical order, by author. Please note that it is difficult to categorize some titles, which overlap different subjects; in these cases, the easiest procedure would be use the search box, which covers my entire stock. However, if searching for a particular title on this page only, the simplest method is to use "Control-F" to bring up the "Find" dialogue on screen. I have described the books as accurately as possible but will of course accept returns if a particular item is inadvertently not as described.

Component parts of a book

14950    Lamb, Richard   Mussolini as Diplomat : Il Duce's Italy on the World Stage              New York: Fromm International, 1999          6¼" x 9¼". 356pp, illustrations. Black boards in d/j, Fine. Reveals how Italy was pushed into Hitler's arms by Anthony Eden's serious blunder. Was Mussolini's alliance with  Hitler really foreordained? Could Italy have been kept out of World War II? Did the policy of England's Anthony Eden really push Mussolini into Hitler's arms instead of luring  him back to his former policy of friendship with Great Britain? These are some of the intriguing questions that Richard Lamb asks in the course of examining Mussolini's foreign  policy toward Germany on the one hand and Britain and France on the other. Surprisingly, Mussolini began with a deep distrust of Hitler and feelings of friendship toward  England as well as France, countries he felt might stand up to Hitler's aggressive intent. He also despised Hitler's anti-Semitism. But some disastrous miscalculations, especially  by Anthony Eden, who later headed Britain's Foreign Office, set the course for the eventual conflagration. These are the shocking conclusions that Lamb-in a revisionist  assessment of Mussolini's diplomatic blunders in his relations with the other powers in Europe-reached after studying documents that have been inaccessible for more than half  a century.       £20.00  Hardback

15870    Aksakal, Mustafa              The Ottoman Road to War in 1914             Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010 [3rd imp.; first published 2008] 6” x 9¼”. [xv] + 216pp, maps. Black cloth gilt in d/j, As New. Why did the Ottoman Empire enter the First World War in late October 1914,  months after the war's devastations had become clear? Were its leaders 'simple-minded,' 'below-average' individuals, as the doyen of  Turkish diplomatic history has argued? Or, as others have claimed, did the Ottomans enter the war because War Minister Enver Pasha,  dictating Ottoman decisions, was in thrall to the Germans and to his own expansionist dreams? Based on previously untapped Ottoman  and European sources, Mustafa Aksakal's dramatic study challenges this consensus. It demonstrates that responsibility went far beyond  Enver, that the road to war was paved by the demands of a politically interested public, and that the Ottoman leadership sought the  German alliance as the only way out of a web of international threats and domestic insecurities, opting for an escape whose catastrophic  consequences for the empire and seismic impact on the Middle East are felt even today. £40.00  History

16482    Anon. and Sir John Malcolm        Memorandum on the Subject of Social and Official Intercourse Between European Officers and Indian Gentlemen (with appendix containing Sir John  Malcolm's Instructions of 1821 on the same subject)    Ranchi: printed at the Government Press, Bihar and Orissa, 1913  6” x 9½”. 18pp. Original printed thick card covers with black cloth spine. The covers are stained, grubby and heavily rubbed. There are no internal  markings and the text is clean throughout; however, the printing is crude by modern standards, the paper is quite thin and has tanned noticeably with age.         £250.00               History

11235     Ashton, T. S.       An Economic History of England : The 18th Century          London: Methuen & Co. Ltd, 1961 [new impression with minor corrections; first published 1955]      5½" x 8¾". 257pp. Blue cloth gilt in chipped, torn d/j, edges lightly foxed else Very Good/G        £8.00    History

11233     Ashworth, William           A Short History of The International Economy Since 1850               London: Longmans, Green and Co. Ltd, 1962 [2nd ed.]             5½" x 8¾". 296pp. Green cloth gilt in chipped, grubby d/j, stain on edge of text block, else G+/G+     £5.00    History

14807    Avrich, Paul        Sacco and Vanzetti : The Anarchist Background   Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 1991           6" x 9¼". [x] + 265pp, illustrations. Softback, As New       £15.00  History

10557    Bagehot, Walter [edited and with an introduction by Ruth Dudley Edwards]           The Best of Bagehot                London: Hamish Hamilton, 1993               6¼" x 9½". 277pp. Black cloth in chipped, grubby d/j with remnants of label, Very Good           £14.00  History

16857    Bainville, Jacques [Translated by Bernard Miall] Italy and the War              London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1916                5” x 7¾”. 267pp, This volume is ex-Library, rebound, reading copy only.  £30.00  History

14243     Ball, Stuart          Baldwin and the Conservative Party : The Crisis of 1929-1931         New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 1988    6¼” x 9½”. [xix] + 266pp. Black cloth gilt in d/j, As New £35.00  History

11349     Barnett, Correlli The Verdict of Peace : Britain Between Her Yesterday and the Future [the fourth and final volume of the "Pride and Fall" sequence] London: Macmillan, 2001             6¼" x 9½". 713pp. Black cloth in d/j which is creased at the head and tail of spine, else Very Good/Very Good. £20.00  History

10388    Beasant, John    Stalin's Silver     London: Bloomsbury, 1995           6" x 9½". 216pp, ills. Black cloth in slightly frayed d/j with two thin remnants of clear tape, top corner of ffep creased else Very Good+                £9.00    History

16984    Beeching, Jack  The Chinese Opïum Wars              London: Hutchinson & Co. Ltd   6” x 9½”. 352pp, frontispiece map, illustrations, Original red cloth gilt in a torn, scuffed and chipped d/j, previous owner's name inscribed, otherwise  Very Good           £30.00  History

15130     Birse, A. H.         Memoirs of an Interpreter            London: Michael Joseph, 1967    5¼” x 8½”. 254pp, frontis, illustrations. Ex-library with d/j laminated onto boards, usual labels and stamps, a reading copy    £10.00  History

13893    Bowden, Mark   Pitt Rivers : The Life and Archaeological Work of Lieutenant-General Augustus Henry Lane Fox Pitt Rivers, DCL, FRS, FSA           Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1991      7" x 10". [xv] + 181pp, illustrations. Black cloth gilt in d/j, Fine. Mark Bowden has written an entertaining and thoroughly researched biography of  General Augustus Henry Lane Fox Pitt Rivers (1827-1900), which describes his stormy relationships with his wife, children, colleagues, tenants and  dependants, his military career, his activities in public education, and his contributions to anthropology and archaeology. In particular he assesses his  impact as excavator, field archaeologist, theoretician and first Inspector of Ancient Monuments on the development of British archaeology. This is the  most complete biography of a controversial man whose methods and ideals have been much quoted but frequently misunderstood and  misrepresented. A flamboyant polymath, Pitt Rivers was influential in four fields during his lifetime: military training, anthropology, archaeology and  public education. Yet very little is known about his career, character or motivation.  1. Introduction, 2. Progress in modern musketry, 3 Married life,  4. Ethnology and anthropology, 5. Early archaeological fieldwork, 6. The Inspector of Ancient Monuments, 7. Excavations in Cranborne Chase, 8.  Public education, 9. The father of scientific archaeology.  £35.00  History

11234     Bowden, Peter J.               The Wool Trade in Tudor and Stuart England      London: Frank Cass & Co. Ltd, 1971 [first published 1962]      5½" x 8¾". 242pp. Red cloth gilt in chipped d/j, edges dusty, else Very Good/Very Good                £12.00  History

12383    Brassai [Translated From the French by Richard Miller]  The Secret Paris of the '30s           London: Thames & Hudson Ltd, 2001 [first published 1976] 8¼” x 10½”. Unpaginated, profusely illustrated. Large format softback, covers rubbed otherwise Near Fine         £8.00    History

14917     Bretholz, Leo and Olesker, Michael           Leap into Darkness : Seven Years on the Run in Wartime Europe                London: Constable, 1999               6¼" x 9½". [xvi] + 273pp, illustrations. Blue cloth in d/j, As New                £15.00  History

15195     Brustein, William             The Logic of Evil : The Social Origins of the Nazi Party 1925-1933 New Haven: Yale University Press, 1996     6¼" x 9½". [xiv] + 235pp. Black boards in d/j, As New    £20.00  History

11404     Bryant, Arthur   The Years of Endurance 1793-1802            London: Collins, 1944 [3rd impression]  5½" x 8¾". 370pp, maps as end-papers. Purple cloth gilt, no d/j, printed on cheap war-time paper, else Very Good.       £7.00                History

11405     Bryant, Arthur   The Age of Elegance 1812-1822   London: Collins, 1955 [4th impression]   5½" x 8¾". 450pp, maps as end-papers. Purple cloth gilt, no d/j, near Fine.  £9.00    History

11406     Bryant, Arthur   Years of Victory 1802-1812            London: Collins, 1958 [5th impression]   5½" x 8¾". 499pp, maps as end-papers. Purple cloth gilt, no d/j, near Fine.  £9.00    History

16711     Buchanan, Meriel             Petrograd (The City of Trouble) 1914-1918              London: W. Collins Sons & Co. Ltd, January 1919 Second Impression [first published December 1918]               5" x 7¾". 262pp, publisher's catalogue. Blind-stamped red cloth, no d/j, covers rubbed, spine stained, faded and frayed along front gutter with small  splits, previous owner's name inscribed, otherwise Very Good. Scarce.      £60.00  History

13840    Burleigh, Michael             Death and Deliverance : Euthanasia in Germany, 1900 - 1945        Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1995              6" x 9". [xvii] + 381pp, illustrations. Softback, As New. Between 1939 and 1945, the Nazis systematically murdered as many as 200,000 mentally or  physically disabled people as a prelude to their genocidal programme used against the Jews and others. This book researches how euthanasia  evolved in Germany, and examines the role of those involved in the programme - bureaucrats, doctors, nurses, health officials, lawyers, clerics and  patients.    £25.00  History

14973     Burton, Brian     Flow Gently Past               Corowa, N.S.W.: Corowa Shire Council, 1973         5½” x 8¾”. [xi] + 228pp, illustrations. Green cloth gilt in a torn, scuffed and chipped d/j otherwise Very Good.           £15.00  History

15631     Buttery, John A.                Why Kruger Made War, Or, Behind the Boer Scenes          London: William Heinemann Ltd         5” x 7½”. [viii] + 298pp + Publisher’s catalogue. This volume is ex-Library. Original brown cloth blocked in black. The covers are worn and soiled. There is  marked colour variation to the boards and a few old stains. The spine gutters are frayed and split but have been partially re-glued. The spine ends and  corners are bumped and frayed, with further splits to the cloth.              £50.00  History

10724    Cannadine, David            Aspects of Aristocracy : Grandeur and Decline in Modern Britain New Haven: Yale University Press, 1994     6¼" x 9½". 320pp, ills. Black cloth gilt. Fine in lightly scuffed d/j.              £16.00  History

14886    Cannistraro, Philip V. and Sullivan, Brian R.         Il Duce's Other Woman : the untold story of Marherita Sarfatti, Benito Mussolino's Jewish mistress, and how she helped him come to power           New York: William Morrow and Company, Inc., 1993        6¼" x 9½". 685pp, illustrations, map. Light grey boards in d/j, As New    £20.00  History

10093    Carlyle, Thomas Musaeus, Tieck, Richter London: Chapman and Hall, 1866              5¼" x 7½". 359pp. Maroon cloth, gilt lettering, spine faded and bumped, tear at top right of spine, contents Very Good               £8.00    History

11086    Carter, Howard The Tomb of Tutankhamen          London: Book Club Associates, 1972 [by arrangement with Barrie & Jenkins Ltd]     8" x 10". 238pp, 17 colour plates, 65 b&w illustrations. Red cloth gilt in scuffed d/j, small indentation on rear cover, top corners bumped (affecting page edges as well as covers), else G/G     £12.00  History

16873    Chambers, Frank P.         The War Behind the War 1914-1918 : A History of the Political and Civilian Fronts                London: Faber and Faber Limited, 1939  5½" x 8¾". [xv] + 620pp, maps. Black cloth gilt, no d/j,  £29.00                History

16682    Corbett, Elsie     The Red Cross in Serbia 1915 - 1919 : A Personal Diary of Experiences       Banbury, Oxon: Cheney & Sons Ltd, 1964                5½” x 8¾”. [xiii] + 186pp, illustrations, frontispiece map. Green cloth gilt, no d/j [as issued], covers rubbed, head and tail of spine bumped  otherwise Very Good.          £95.00  History

11232     Court, W. H. B.  A Concise Economic History of Britain From 1750 to Recent Times             Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1962 [first published 1954]  5" x 8". 368pp. Laminated red cloth gilt, no d/j, edges foxed else Very Good   £5.00    History

16416     Courtney, Kate  Extracts from a Diary During the War : To My Nephews and Nieces            Printed for Private Circulation, December, 1927 [A note on the final page states: London: Printed by The Victor Press, Chelsea, 1928]  5½” x 8¾”. 179pp. Red cloth gilt, no d/j, spine ends and corners bumped and slightly frayed, end-papers and edges foxed (heavily in places), otherwise just about Very Good.           £50.00  History

14017     Cramb, J.             Germany and England   London: John Murray, 1914 [reprinted September 1914]  5" x 7½". [x] + 137pp. Blind-stamped red cloth gilt, no d/j, covers marked and rubbed, edges & end-papers lightly foxed otherwise Very Good.  These lectures were delivered in February and March 1913.     £20.00  History

15112     Crampton, R. J. A Concise History of Bulgaria      Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1997      5¼" x 8½". [xv] + 259pp, maps, illustrations. Softback, As New           £15.00  History

16292     D'Abernon, Viscount       Volume III : The Years of Recovery : January 1924 - October 1926 : With Historical Notes by Maurice Alfred Gerothwohl        London: Hodder & Stoughton Limited, 1929         6¼" x 10". 331pp, frontis, illustrations, folding map in pocket at rear. Purple cloth gilt, no d/j, spine severely faded, end-papers foxed, ex-Boots  Library otherwise Good Plus.       £20.00  History

14464     Dash, Mike          Batavia's Graveyard : The True Story of the Mad Heretic Who Led History's Bloodiest Mutiny                London: Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 2002 5¾" x 8¾". 398pp, maps. Brown boards gilt in d/j, As New. It is the autumn of 1628, and the East Indiaman Batavia, the largest and newest ship in the Dutch East India Company's fleet, is  loaded with a king's ransom in gold, silver and gems for her maiden voyage to Java. She sets sail with great fanfare, but is never destined to reach Java, for the Company has also sent a new  employee, Jeronimus Cornelisz - a disgraced bankrupt with disarming charisma and dangerously heretical ideas. With the help of the Batavia's skipper and a group of disgruntled sailors,  Jeronimus plots a mutiny that seems certain to be successful - but for one unplanned event. In the dark morning hours of 4 June 1629, the Batavia smashes through a coral reef and runs  aground off the west coast of Australia in an unexplored chain of islands. The merchant in command of the ship takes the only boat and sets a course for Java, some 1800 miles away, to  summon help, leaving over 200 survivors trapped on the desert island without water, food or shelter, unarmed and unaware of Cornelisz's treachery, and soon they find themselves at the  mercy of the mutineers. The book recounts what happened next - how Cornelisz seizes control of the island and begins to kill the survivors, one by one.     £15.00  History

14266     Deighton, Anne The Impossible Peace : Britain, the Division of Germany, and the Origins of the Cold War                Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1993    5½” x 8½”. [xii] + 283pp, map. Softback, As New. The Impossible Peace offers a new interpretation of the British Government's policy towards Germany in the years immediately following the  Second World War, and reassesses the part played by Britain in the collapse of the Grand Alliance and the development of what came to be known as the Cold War.should be read by all who  have an interest in the conduct of Britain's foreign affairs . she has buttressed her case with impressive archival research and interviews with surviving participants . all will be in debt to Anne  Deighton's work.thorough and perceptive study . trenchant, insightful account.The developments she describes will be of lasting historical significance, not only for the forty years of Cold War,  which now seems to have come to its conclusion, but for our understanding of Britain's relationship with her European neighbours and with the United States.    £15.00  History

14023    Dennis, Peter and Preston, Adrian [Eds] Soldiers as Statesmen    London: Croom Helm, 1976         5¼" x 8¾". 184pp. Red cloth gilt in chipped and rubbed d/j, otherwise Very Good. This book examines the careers of five distinguished twentieth  century soldiers and assesses their contribution as statesmen. Hindenburg, Byng, Franco, Eisenhower and De Gaulle all came into political life in  different circumstances but none did so in the name of the profession or to establish a praetorian state. Each was a professional soldier who found  himself drawn into the political arena. Each of these essays illuminates one aspect of the range of political, sociological and historical issues which  now surround the interrelationship of civil and military.           £25.00  History

11631     Eber, Dorothy Harley     When the Whalers Were Up North : Intuit Memories From the Eastern Arctic                Boston: David R. Godine, 1989    8½" x 8¾". 187pp, ills. Blue cloth in d/j, corners rubbed, otherwise Near Fine.                £9.00    History

14335     Ellis, Ralph         Thoth : Architect of the Universe               Dorset: Edfu Books, 1998 [Revised 2nd ed.; first published 1997] 6¼" x 9½". [xii] + 287pp, illustrations. Blue cloth gilt in d/j, As New. Signed by the author on the front free end-paper. £20.00  History

14355     Evans, Lorraine Kingdom of the Ark : The Startling Story of How the Ancient British Race is Descended from the Pharaohs      London: Simon & Schuster, 2000               6¼" x 9½". [xvi] + 336pp, illustrations. Red cloth gilt in a rubbed d/j, top corners bumped, otherwise Very Good      £20.00  History

13570    Fairbairn, Brett Democracy in the Undemocratic State : The German Reichstag Elections of 1898 and 1903                Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1997            6" x 9". [xv] + 408pp. Softback, As New  £45.00  History

14186     Feinstein, Charles H.; Temin, Peter and Toniolo, Gianni   The European Economy Between the Wars                Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1997      5½" x 8¾". [xi] + 233pp, map, tables. Black cloth gilt, no d/j [as issued], As New £50.00  History

15197     Fielding-Hall, H.              For England       London: Constable and Company Limited, 1916   5¾” x 9”. 144pp. Blue cloth gilt, no d/j, covers rubbed, bookplate on front pastedown otherwise Very Good. Uncommon. £95.00  History

11713     Foss, Michael     The Search for Cleopatra               London: Michael O'Mara Books Limited, 1997      6" x 9½". 192pp, colour plates. Blue cloth gilt in d/j, As New.             £12.00  History

14822    Fox, Edward       Palestine Twilight : The Murder of Dr Albert Glock and the Archaeology of the Holy Land                London: HarperCollins, 2001      6¼" x 9½". 277pp, portrait frontis. Black cloth in d/j, NEW           £15.00                History

11563     Freeman, Charles             The Greek Achievement : The Foundation of the Western World   London: Allen Lane, The Penguin Press, 1999                6¼" x 9½". 494pp, illustrations in colour and black & white. Teal cloth gilt in d/j, some scuffing and a few marks on edge of text block, otherwise Very Good/Very Good    £15.00  History

16581     Fussell, Paul       The Great War and Modern Memory        New York and London: Oxford University Press, 1975                6" x 9¼". [xiii] + 363pp, illustrations. Brown cloth gilt in a scuffed and chipped d/j, otherwise Very Good. An exploration of the first great hell of the  modern world i.e. trench warfare. The author writes of the blood and muck of the trenches, and of the literary means by which that experience has been  assimilated, remembered, and mythologized by writers such as Siegfried Sassoon, Robert Graves, Edmund Blunden, Wilfred Owen, David Jones, Isaac  Rosenberg, etc. From the Preface: "This book is about the British experience on the Western Front from 1914 to 1918 and some of the literary means by  which it has been remembered, conventionalized, and mythologized. It is also about the literary dimensions of the trench experience itself. Indeed, if the  book had a subtitle, it would be something like "An Inquiry into the Curious Literariness of Real Life".             £50.00  History

15106     Gardner, Laurence           Genesis of the Grail Kings : The Pendragon Legacy of Adam and Eve          London: Bantam Press, 1999          6¼" x 9½". [xx] + 316pp, illustrations. Black cloth gilt in d/j, As New        £15.00  History

14598    Gazur, Edward P. [with a preface by Gordon Brook- Shepherd]     Secret Assignment : The FBI's KGB General                London: St Ermin's Press, 2001  6¼" x 9½". [xviii] + 606pp, illustrations. Black cloth gilt in d/j, NEW                £25.00  History

10998    Gellately, Robert              Backing Hitler : Consent and Coercion in Nazi Germany  Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2001          6¼" x 9½". 359pp, ills. Black cloth gilt in d/j, bottom corners bumped, else near Fine        £16.00                History

14894    Getty, J. Arch and Naumov, Oleg V. [Translations by Benjamin Sher]         The Road to Terror : Stalin and the Self-Destruction of the Bolsheviks, 1932-1939       New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 1999         6½” x 9½”. [xxvii] + 635pp, illustrations. Black boards quarter-bound in black cloth, in a rubbed and creased d/j, otherwise Near Fine       £20.00  History

14211     Geyer, Dietrich  Russian Imperialism : The Interaction of Domestic and Foreign Policy, 1860 - 1914                Leamington Spa: Berg Publishers Ltd, 1987           5½" x 8¾". 385pp. Black cloth gilt in a rubbed d/j, otherwise Near Fine            £25.00  History

10733    Gibbs, Philip      The Pageant of the Years : An Autobiography       London: William Heinemann Ltd, 1946 [2nd imp.]     5½" x 8½". 530pp, frontis, ills. Blue cloth, no d/j, produced to War Economy Standard, end-papers browned, half-inch tear in rear cover, else G+           £8.00    History

12482    Gooch, G. P.        Before the War : Studies in Diplomacy [Volume I only]     London: Longmans, Green & Co., Vol. I: April, 1936 [2nd imp.; first published January, 1936]    5¾" x 8¾". [ix] + 438pp. Green cloth gilt, no d/j, covers rubbed, backstrip split along rear gutter and re-glued, front inner hinge cracked otherwise Good    £15.00  History

11835     Goodwin, Jason Lords of the Horizons : A History of the Ottoman Empire New York: Henry Holt and Company, 1999       6¼" x 9½". 352pp,map, diags. Blue boards in a rubbed d/j with one minute tear, otherwise Fine/Very Good                £16.00  History

15230    Graeme, Bruce   A Century of Buckingham Palace 1837-1937 : An Unconventional and Anecdotal Study of the Palace, Past and Present London: Hutchinson & Co. (Publishers) Ltd, 1937               5½” x 8¾”. 180pp + Publisher’s catalogue, illustrations. Original blue cloth blocked in black. The covers are rubbed and slightly soiled and marked, with some variation in colour. The  spine ends and corners are bumped. There is a gift inscription on the front end-paper, dated June 1942. The paper has tanned with age and there is occasional foxing, particularly  affecting the end-papers and preliminaries. The text is clean throughout.  £20.00  History

15081    Grant, A. J. and Temperley, Harold          Europe in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries (1789 - 1932)                London: Longmans, Green & Co., 1935 [new impression] 5¾" x 8¾". [xxiii] + 652pp, maps. Brown cloth gilt, no d/j, head of spine frayed, covers rubbed, edges dusty otherwise Very Good               £15.00  History

14301     Grant, Michael  The Emperor Constantine            London: Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1993  6¼" x 9½". [xii] + 267pp, maps, illustrations. Brown cloth gilt in d/j, Fine    £15.00  History

15637     Great Britain : Parliament            Great Britain and the European Crisis : correspondence, and statements in Parliament, together with an introductory narrative of events        London: His Majesty's Stationery Office, 1914       6" x 9½". [xxvi] + 102pp. Original printed paper wrappers covered in clear plastic, covers rubbed and soiled, corners creased, otherwise Very  Good     £25.00  History

12436     Greenleaf, W. H.               The British Political Tradition : Volume 1 : The Rise of Collectivism; Volume 2 : The Ideological Heritage; Volume 3 : A Much Governed Nation, Part 1                London: Methuen & Co. Ltd, 1983             6¼” x 9½”. [xiv] + 336pp; [xii] + 579pp; [xvi] + 527pp. Grey cloth gilt in scuffed and rubbed d/js, top edge dusty, otherwise Very Good. Lacks the final volume ["The  World Outside"]. Please note, as this is a heavy set postage will be commensurate. £60.00  History

11060    Grew, Joseph C. Ten Years in Japan : A Contemporary Record drawn from the Diaries and Private and Official Papers of Joseph Grew, United States Ambassador to Japan 1932-42           London: Hammond, Hammond & Company Limited, 1945 [2nd imp.]               5½" x 8¾". 480pp, portrait frontis, ills. Original cloth in a torn and tatty, price-clipped d/j, previous owner's name inscribed, else Very Good/Fair.             £16.00  History

16999     Grondona, L. St. Clare    The Kangaroo Keeps on Talking or The All-British Continent : A Description of Australian Life and Industries     London: The Victoria Publishing House, 266, Strand (Australia House), London, W.C. 2, 1925 Second Impression [first published 1924]                5½” x 8¾”. 216pp, illustrations. Original green cloth gilt, no d/j, covers marked and rubbed, previous owner's name inscribed, tanned pages otherwise  Good.  £30.00  History

17019     Halid, Halil         The Diary of a Turk          London: Adam and Charles Black, 1903   5¼” x 7¾”. [vii] + 269pp, frontispiece, illustrations. Red cloth gilt blocked in black, no d/j, covers rubbed, spine faded, end-papers and edges lightly  foxed otherwise Very Good. Rare.                £125.00                History

16455     Halsalle, Henry de and Jones, Charles Sheridan  The German Woman and Her Master       London: T. Werner Laurie, Ltd, n.d. [1916]   4¾” x 7¼”. 223pp, Publisher’s catalogue. Original printed paper wrappers, damaged and worn, with a small piece missing from the top rear corner and  approximately one-third of the paper covering the spine also missing; the front cover being only tenuously attached. Internally clean, with some tanning to  the paper and creased corners. A rare title.        £80.00 History

16961     Hankey, Lord     The Supreme Command 1914 - 1918 [2 vols]          London: George Allen and Unwin Ltd, 1961                6" x 9½". 906pp, illustrations. Blue cloth in scuffed and rubbed d/j, ex-Library.    £90.00  History

14463     Hayter, Alethea The Wreck of the Abergavenny : One of Britain's Greatest Maritime Disasters and its Links to Literary Genius London: Macmillan, 2002             5½" x 8¾". [xv] + 223pp, illustrations. Red cloth gilt in d/j, As New                £15.00  History

10840    Heffer, Simon    Power and Place : The Political Consequences of King Edward VII               London: Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1998           6¼" x 9½". [x] + 342pp, illustrations. Blue cloth blocked in silver in d/j. This book had been in Fine condition until a browser put it carelessly back on  the shelf and damaged the dust-jacket which now has a crease and a small tear on the back flap which I have repaired with archival tape.               £12.00  History

14850    Herodotus [Translated by Robin Waterfield, with an Introduction and Notes by Carolyn Dewald]  The Histories                Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1998     5½" x 9". [li] + 772pp, maps. Black cloth gilt in d/j, As New. From the dust-jacket: "Herodotus is not only known as the "father of history", as Cicero called him, but also  the father of ethnography. As well as charting the historical background to the Persian Wars, his curiosity prompts frequent digression on the cultures of the peoples he  introduces. While much of the information he gives has proved to be astonishingly accurate, he also includes tales of one-eyed men and gold-digging ants."        £25.00  History

10138    Herzog, Maurice               Annapurna [Conquest of the first 8000-metre peak]          London: The Reprint Society, 1954       5" x 7¼". 288pp, 16 b/w ills, 1 colour ill, maps. Green cloth, no d/j, near Fine         £6.00    History

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14000    Johnson, Jeffrey Allan    The Kaiser's Chemists : Science and Modernization in Imperial Germany Chapel Hill & London: University of North Carolina Press, 1990               6¼" x 9½". [x] + 279pp, illustrations Blue cloth in d/j, Fine. In the early twentieth century, an elite group of modern-minded scientists in Germany,  led by the eminent organic chemist Emil Fischer, set out to create new centers and open new sources of funding for chemical research. Their efforts  led to the establishment in 1911 of the chemical institutes of the Kaiser Wilhelm Society for the Advancement of the Sciences, whose original staff  included several future Nobel laureates. Although these institutes were designed to promote "free research" that would uphold German leadership in  international science, they also came to promote the integration of science in the German war effort after 1914. According to Jeffrey Johnson, the  development of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institutes exemplifies the origins and dilemmas of one of the most significant innovations in modern science: the  creation of institutions for basic research, both theoretical and practical. The Kaiser Wilhelm Society was a quasi- official institution under the  "protection" of Kaiser Wilhelm II, but it received most of its funding from German industry rather than the Imperial Treasury. After 1914, however,  the Kaiser’s chemists and their institutes provided key support to the German war effort. Within a few months of the outbreak of World War I, the  institutes had been integrated into war mobilization activities. They conducted research both in weapons, such as poison gas, and in strategic  resources, especially synthetics to replace naturally produced goods cut off by Britain’s blockade of German ports. By examining the Kaiser Wilhelm  Society in the framework of both scientific and social change, Johnson is able to answer questions that seem puzzling if not viewed from this dual  perspective, such as why German chemists pushed for institutional change at this particular time. Johnson argues that the new institutes arose from  a characteristically modern tension between internationally set scientific goals and the competing national priorities of a country headed for war.  Johnson’s sources include the papers of Emil Fischer; the archives of several major German corporations, including Bayer, Hoechst, and Krupp;  government records; and the archives of the Max Planck Society, which grew out of the Kaiser Wilhelm Society after World War II.         £30.00  History

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16070    Stevenson, David             The First World War and International Politics    Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1988                5½" x 8¾". [xi] + 392pp, maps. Blue cloth gilt in a scuffed and rubbed d/j otherwise Near Fine      £60.00                History

10636    Stobart, J. C.       The Glory That Was Greece          London: Sidgwick and Jackson, 1976 [2nd impression of the 4th revised edition; first published 1911] 6¼" x 9¼". 265pp, ills. Red cloth, gilt, in chipped torn d/j, Very Good+/G-                £6.00    History

10799    Sugimoto, Etsu Inagaki  A Daughter of the Samurai           London: The Paternoster Library [Hurst & Blackett], 1937 [first published 1933]           5¼" x 8¾". 288pp. Green cloth, no d/j, covers marked and rubbed, edges and end-papers foxed, G. £4.00    History

14284    Swanson, James L. and Weinberg, Daniel R.         Lincoln's Assassins : Their Trial and Execution : An Illustrated History Santa Fe, NM: Arena Editions, 2001         9¾" x 12". 151pp, profusely illustrated. Red boards in d/j, As New                £20.00  History

15047    Tacitus, Cornelius [Translated and with an Introduction by Michael Grant]              Tacitus : The Annals of Imperial Rome  London: Book Club Associates by arrangement with  Penguin Books Ltd, 1993 [3rd impression of this edition] 5½” x 8½”. 455pp. Blue cloth gilt quarter-bound in blue leather, no d/j [as issued], Fine  £15.00  History

10860    Taylor, James [ed.]          The Victorian Empire : A Brilliant Epoch in Our National History [5 volumes]                London: William Mackenzie, n.d. [c.1887]             7½" x 10". Three sections [404pp + 392pp + 404pp] bound as five volumes. Section I The Victorian Empire; Section II The United Kingdom Section; III India and the Colonies. Decorative blue cloth  gilt, no, all edges gilt, head and tail of spines and corners bumped, prelims. and some engravings foxed, one segment of Vol. I loose, else a particularly handsome set. From the Prospectus: "To furnish  an adequate account of the development and progress of the British Empire ... is the object of the present work ... The work will be illustrated with a series of Portraits of our distinguished countrymen,  beautifully engraved on steel, and with views of important historical scenes and events, maps, plans, &c. It will be completed in Five Divisions, handsomely bound in cloth, bevel boards and gilt edges,  price Eight Shillings and Sixpence each." As this is a heavy set, postage will be charged at actual cost.    £75.00  History

14302    Temple, Robert The Crystal Sun : Rediscovering a Lost Technology of the Ancient World   London: Century, 2000      6¼" x 9½". [xiii] + 558pp, illustrations. Blue cloth gilt in d/j, As New        £35.00  History

10654    Tertz, Abram [Andrey Sinyavsky]              A Voice from the Chorus                London: Collins & Harvill Press, 1976                5¼" x 8½". 328pp. Green cloth in chipped, torn d/j, some shelfwear and markings to page edges, else Very Good/G £6.00    History

13161     Thomson, George Malcolm           The Twelve Days 24 July to 4 August 1914              London: Secker & Warburg, 1975 [first published by Hutchinson, 1964]            5½" x 8¾". 228pp. Blue cloth gilt in a scuffed and chipped d/j, otherwise Very Good       £18.00  History

11879     Trevelyan, George Macaulay        England Under Queen Anne (Volume 2) : Ramillies and the Union With Scotland               London: Longmans, Green and Co. Ltd, 1945 [first published 1932]            5½" x 8¾". 468pp, maps. Green cloth in a scuffed and chipped d/j with some stains, previous owner's name inscribed, otherwise Very Good  £6.00                History

14494     Trevor-Roper, Hugh [Edited by Richard Davenport-Hines]            Letters from Oxford : Hugh Trevor-Roper to Bernard Berenson            London: Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 2006 6¼” x 9½”. [xlii] + 326pp, illustrations. Black cloth gilt in d/j, As New. When they met in 1947 Trevor-Roper, a young historian at Christ Church, Oxford, was 33. Berenson, the world-famous  art critic, was 82, frail but still intensely curious about the world. Trevor Roper promised to write to him and his letters continued until Berenson's death in in 1959. Elegantly constructed,  beautifully and precisely written, they are shot through with high-octane malice, sharp judgements and blistering comments, and many wonderfully funny episodes. Trevor-Roper was an  intellectual heavyweight, but subjects range widely: several brilliant set-pieces on Oxford college elections, books, journalism, publishing, politics (postwar Europe, ex-Nazis and collaborators,  the Cold War, Suez, etc), history and history-writing, personal life (including marriage to Earl Haig's daughter Alexandra after her messy divorce), travel, gossip, and so on. He has a  memorable journey on a pilgrims' bus in Persia, goes behind the Iron Curtain to meet Communist dignitaries and speeds in his glamorous grey Bentley to visit duchesses in the Scottish  borders. Figures in the letters include Evelyn Waugh, Isaiah Berlin, A.L. Rowse, Anthony Eden, Gerald Brenan, A. J. P. Taylor, Arnold Toynbee, Dimitri Shostakovitch, C. S. Lewis and Harold  Macmillan.            £20.00  History

11550     Trotter, William The Government of Great Britain               London: J. M. Dent & Co., 1905  4" x 6". 184pp, frontis. Red cloth gilt, no d/j, end-papers discoloured, lower quarter of rear end-paper missing, otherwise Very Good.                £15.00  History

14540    Tuchman, Barbara W.     A Distant Mirror : The Calamitous 14th Century  London: Macmillan, 1979              6¼" x 9½". [xx] + 677pp, maps, illustrations. Brown cloth gilt in a rubbed d/j, otherwise Near Fine       £25.00  History

12680    Various SUEZ CANAL. RETURNS OF SHIPPING AND TONNAGE: 1886, 1887, & 1888. [In continuation of "Commercial No. 7 : 1888."] Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her  Majesty. June 1889. COMMERCIAL. No. 13 (1889)     London: London: Printed For Her Majesty's Stationery Office by Harrison and Sons, St. Martin's Lane,   8¼” x 13”. 7pp. Original sewn paper wrappers, now somewhat dog-eared and chipped at the edge and with a few old Library stamps. The paper-covered spine is almost completely  missing. There are no internal markings and the text is clean though the paper has darkened with age and is chipped and torn at the edges.                £12.00                History

12681     Various SUEZ CANAL. RETURNS OF SHIPPING AND TONNAGE: 1894, 1895, & 1896. [In continuation of "Commercial No. 4 : 1896."] Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her  Majesty. June 1897. COMMERCIAL. No. 4 (1897)       London: London: Printed For Her Majesty's Stationery Office by Harrison and Sons, St. Martin's Lane,   8¼” x 13”. 9pp. Original sewn paper wrappers, now somewhat dog-eared and chipped at the edge and with a few old Library stamps. The paper-covered spine is almost completely  missing. There are no internal markings and the text is clean though the paper has darkened with age and is chipped and torn at the edges.                £12.00                History

12407    Various [Edited by D. Mackenzie]              The Tribute for the "V.C.s" : Tendered by Artists and Advertisers of the Empire on the Anniversary of His Majesty's Recovery       London & Glasgow: John Horn Ltd, 1930               8½” x 11”. 208pp (including advertisements), profusely illustrated in colour and b&w. Blue cloth gilt, no d/j, covers rubbed and faded, end-papers foxed otherwise Very  Good. An interesting compilation, redolent of its time. From the Foreword: "The primary object of this book is to tender His Majesty a Tribute of respectful homage on the  first anniversary of his recovery ... The second object is to provide a fund for the benefit of necessitous V.C.'s and their dependants ..."                £45.00  History

16674     Velimirovic, Fr. Nicholas [with a Preface by the Archbishop of Canterbury]              Serbia in Light and Darkness                London: Longmans, Green and Co. Ltd, 1916         5" x 7½". [xii] + 147pp, portrait frontis, illustrations. Blue cloth gilt, no d/j, covers rubbed, spine gutters fraying, edges lightly foxed, two ink-stamps  on end-papers, otherwise Good Plus            £125.00                History

13773     Vernon, James [Ed.]       Re-reading the Constitution : new narratives in the political history of England's long nineteenth century          Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1996      6" x 9¼". [xv] + 262pp. Laminated hard cover, no d/j, As New. Authors include: Antony Taylor, Patrick Joyce, Jonathan Fulcher, Ian Burney, Anna  Clark, James Epstein £25.00  History

10587    Wallace, Sir Donald         The Web of Empire : A Diary of the Imperial Tour of Their Royal Highnesses The Duke & Duchess of Cornwall & York in 1901      London: Macmillan and Company, Limited, 1902               6¾" x 10". 463pp, appendices, folding map, 78 plates. Decorative blue cloth, gilt, small split in front inner hinge, end-papers discoloured, all edges gilt, small split in front gutter at head of spine,  presentation copy, G+      £35.00  History

11690     Watt, Richard M.              The Kings Depart : The Tragedy of Germany : Versailles and the German Revolution                London: Pelican Books, 1973        4¼" x 7¼". 664pp. Paperback; blemish at base of spine where sticker has been removed, some yellowing to page edges, otherwise Very Good.      £4.00    History

15065    Wheatcroft, Andrew        The Ottomans   London: Viking, 1993      6" x 9½". [xxx] + 322pp, illustrations. Red cloth gilt in a price-clipped d/j, otherwise Near Fine          £25.00  History

16135     Wilson, Harold  New Deal for Coal             London: Contact Publications Limited, 1945         5” x 7½”. [xii] + 264pp. Original black cloth. The covers are very rubbed. The spine has faded badly with almost total loss of original colour.  The spine ends and corners are bumped. There are some indentations along the edges of the boards.                £20.00  History

12293     Woodward, E. L. and Butler, Rohan [Eds]              Documents on British Foreign Policy, 1919 - 1939, Third Series, volume I, 1938   London: His Majesty's Stationery Office, 1949       6½" x 9¾". [lv] + 655pp. Black cloth gilt, no d/j, page edges browned, head and tail of spine frayed, spine dull and with some faint splash marks, otherwise Very Good                £35.00  History


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